Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cindy Tanzil Designs Part II

Corset by Cindy Tanzil
Model: Christina
MUA: Cynthia Dwiningsih
Photographer: Lacey Brown
Photographers Assistant: JCZC Photography

Introducing Lucy

I worked with Lucy on her first ever studio shoot a few months back. She has great features and the height and body to potentially have a great modelling career if she sticks with it. I decided to do a location shoot with her to experiment with lighting.. There was a bit of a disaster at the start of the shoot. All the lights were set up perfectly with the exact light that I wanted and then.. bam! One of them was knocked over destroying my light.. so the whole shoot was quite experimental on both parts. I stubbornly tried to recreate the light I earlier had, failing miserably. Looking back I should have scrapped my whole lighting idea and created something new with what I had. Anyway, lesson learnt. Always use sand bags on flashes! Even indoors!

Model: Lucy Kemp
MUA: Rani Gaut
Wardrobe: Nicole Gocs

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cindy Tanzil Designs

Yesterday I did a quick shoot with a fashion design student, Cindy Tanzil, for her to present her blazer for her folio. We also photographed a corset she designed.. Photos to come.

Design: Cindy Tanzil
Model:  Christina Hasti
MUA: Cynthia Dwiningsih
Assistant Photographer: JCZC Photography
Photographer: Lacey Brown

Just Some Pics..

..that I took for a uni assignment.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sophia Loren

I first saw this photograph in a cafe on Degraves Street in Melbourne a couple of years ago and took a photo of it with my phone, but have only today discovered who the photographer was.
Photograph of Sophia Loren, in Rome, Italy, taken in 1955 by David Seymour.